What web browser do you recommend for privacy aware users?


Both Firefox and Brave are fantastic options for those who value their online privacy. They come with robust security features and settings you can tailor to your preferences. To up your privacy game, tweak your browser settings to activate tracking protection and secure connections, and think about adding privacy-focused extensions like uBlock Origin. Don't forget to keep your browser updated to stay protected against potential vulnerabilities. When you're doing something sensitive online, consider using the private browsing modes these browsers offer. Also, it's a good idea to use a trustworthy password manager for extra account security. Remember, while these browsers provide a solid privacy foundation, it's equally essential to stay informed about online threats and follow safe browsing practices to safeguard your privacy effectively.

What GNU/Linux OS do you recommend for privacy aware users?


For privacy-conscious users, Tails and Qubes OS are top choices. Tails prioritizes anonymity, routing all traffic through Tor . Qubes OS focuses on security through virtualization. Debian with privacy enhancements is versatile, while Whonix and Parrot OS offer Tor-based options. PureOS emphasizes privacy and user freedom. Fedora, with privacy add-ons, provides a balance between security and usability. The choice depends on your needs and tech skills, but always practice good privacy habits.